8 Water New Zealand Limited

8 Water New Zealand is a prestigious bottled water brand which aims to provide premium quality artesian water to our local and global market.

P: 0212649155
E: info@8water.co.nz
W: http://www.8water.co.nz


P: 09-3797696

Air New Zealand


P: 021 820185
E: patricia.xu@airnz.co.nz
W: http://www.airnewzealand.co.nz

Aotea New Zealand Ltd

Aotea Gifts is New Zealand´s leading tourism retail store. We bring the best of New Zealand products to our customers, to ensure they have quality and unique mementos from their time in New Zealand. Aotea Gifts has been serving New Zealand´s tourists and locals since 1979. We are 100% New Zealand family owned and operated. Our mission is to create a real New Zealand customer experience.

E: andyz@aoteanz.com

Appliance Star

We are a New Zealand Business located in the heart of Auckland.

P: (09) 2173888
E: kenneth@appliancestar.co.nz
W: https://www.appliancestar.co.nz/

Carrington Estate


P: 021540266
E: daniel@carrington.co.nz
W: http://www.carrington.co.nz

China Airlines and Taiwan Tourism Bureau

China Airlines is the national airline of Taiwan and Taiwan Tourism Bureau is in charge of promoting Taiwan as a destination.

P: +64274720004
E: chris.schoffer@walshegroup.com

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines was established in 1988 and has been growing rapidly for the past 26 years. Being one of China’s largest air carriers by fleet size, China Eastern is headquartered in Shanghai. With Shanghai as its main hub, China Eastern operates a fleet of over 500 aircraft and employs 60,000 individuals. Serving 80 million passengers per year, China Eastern is ranked among the world’s top 5 airlines in terms of passenger volume. As an official member of SkyTeam, China Eastern has extended its flight network from Shanghai to 1,052 cities in 177 countries via close cooperation with SkyTeam member airlines as well as our Canadian partner WestJet. Members of Eastern Miles can participate the mileage accumulate and redeem program, enjoy member benefits and use any one of the 525 VIP lounges across the world within all 20 SkyTeam member airlines. With the concept of “World-class hospitality with Eastern charm”, China Eastern will create splendid travel experiences for global custom...

P: 09 303 1066
E: cero.deng@ceairs.nz
W: http://oa.ceair.com

China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines

E: blair@csair.co.nz


We are the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for the Canterbury region of New Zealand´s South Island. As an RTO, we promote Christchurch and Canterbury as a tourism destination to media, travel trade, conventions and directly to visitors. We know what an amazing region Canterbury is and want to make sure potential visitors do too. With the help of Christchurch City Council, Christchurch International Airport and our business partners, we actively market the region via our websites and affiliated social media; domestic and international campaigns; trade events, media and trade familiarisations.

P: 0275308978
E: cissy.chen@christchurchnz.com

Dunedin Railways

Dunedin Railways specialises in scenic train trips into the spectacular Central Otago Hinterland and up the rugged Otago coast north of Dunedin, New Zealand. Dunedin Railways also run to events and the trains can be chartered for private or corporate functions and theTaieri Gorge Railway is the ideal way to start or finish the Otago Central Rail Trail.

P: 03 260 8716
E: barbara@dunedinrailways.co.nz
W: http://www.dunedinrailways.co.nz
F: https://www.facebook.com/DunedinRailways/?fref=ts

Estern horizon limited

Unlike the indoor laser tag in a dark room where you get to shoot just anyone who comes your way, LaserStrike is a mission-based outdoor laser tag gameplay. It’s like being able to play a live action battle video game in the most realistic battlefield. The gameplay is sufficiently straightforward for amateurs yet have enough complexity for the hardcore players. 与您曾经体验过的室内激光镭战有所不同,室内激光镭战是在一个黑色的房间里去射击任何一个与你擦肩而过的人。LaserStrike是完全基于任务模式的镭战活动,就像您在一个极其逼真的环境下玩一场游戏,对于新手简单上手,对于老手不失挑战。

P: 0274872460
E: booking@laserstrikenz.co.nz
W: http://www.laserstrikenz.co.nz

Fullers & 360 Discovery Cruises

Fullers and 360 Discovery Cruises combine to form the largest public transport ferry operator in New Zealand, operating in New Zealand’s largest transport market, Auckland. Together we provide ferry commuter services and islands tourism experiences to locals and visitors. Today, the Group transports over 4.5 million passengers each year to 16 destinations and has grown its fleet to 20 vessels. Fullers also operate a 21 vehicle bus fleet on Waiheke Island, Waiheke Bus Company, providing urban bus services to the local community and the tourist market.

P: 09 367 9160
E: helen@roamexperiences.com
W: http://www.fullers.co.nz



P: 021659888
E: xiaoy-wang@hnair.com

Hong Kong Airlines

E: aklsales@hkairlines.com

Huka Prawn Park

Huka Prawn Park is a Tourist Park with Prawn Fishing and Family Entertainment along with a Ala Carte Restaurant situated next to the Waikato River.

P: 0275009044
E: info@hukaprawnpark.co.nz
W: http://www.hukaprawnpark.co.nz

Intents Outdoors

Camping tents and accessories import and retail

P: 0210405991
E: info@intentsoutdoors.co.nz
W: http://www.intentsoutdoors.co.nz

Kai Eatery

Taiwanese Food and drink

P: 021756480
E: kaieatery@gmail.com
W: https://www.facebook.com/kaieatery/

Kawarua Jet Rotorua

Kawarua Jet has started in Queens town at 1960. we becoming the world´s first commercial Jet Boat operation. We operate in Rotorua more then 15 years and we have Jet Boat, Parasailing and Mokoia Island Eco walk. Kawarua Jet Rotorua will share boost with Tree walk Rotorua. we are requiring bar table and chairs as well. please contact us to confirm

P: 073437600
E: office@kjetrotorua.co.nz
W: http://www.kjetrotorua.co.nz

MCM Group Limited

Foreign Exchange

P: 0211611113
E: info@minuxfinance.com
W: http://www.mcmnz.com

Nelson Regional Development Agency

Regional Tourism Marketing

P: 027 2897749
E: renee@nelsonnz.com
W: http://www.nelsonnz.com

Ngai Tahu Tourism

E: China@nttourism.co.nz

Oceania Natural Limited

Oceania Natural Limited新西兰澳新天然股份有限公司,是新西兰股票交易所上市(股票代码ONL),是新西兰市场上知名的健康食品保健品公司。公司在至纯至净的新西兰奥克兰市成立, 产品系列包括 RICH GARDEN瑞启花园-麦卢卡蜂蜜为主的蜂蜜系列/ 本地独有的南太平洋库克群岛诺丽酵素系列/ 蜂胶蜂皇浆鱼油保健胶囊系列; LABELLA 瑞嘉蓓蜂毒面膜/蜂蜜身体乳/维生素E护手霜/补水精华等日化系列; LABELLA Kids 瑞嘉蓓儿童洗浴护肤系列 PACIFIC NATURAL 瑞天然饮用水系列 我们一直本着源于自然用心造的愿景,用严格的上市公司管理方法,提供给市场最顶级的品质.

P: 0211014050
E: regina@ONLgroup.co.nz
W: http://www.ONLgroup.co.nz

OGO Rotorua ( shared booth with Rotorua Duck Tours)

Superman dive into a giant inflatable ball and roll down Mt Ngongotaha with OGO where the fun will have you laughing uncontrollably. Owned and operated by the Kiwi inventors, discover the world’s longest zig-zag Sidewinder course at 350m and the straight 250m double track to race friends with or without water.

P: 07 343 7676
E: bookings@ogo.co.nz
W: http://www.ogo.co.nz

Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng New Zealand

Maraeroa C Incorporation was established in 1963, and it is a forestry based land corporation comprising 5,555ha of land. Plantation forestry is the core business of the Incorporation whilst Pure-ora Mountain Ginseng is new business since 2006 in the Pureora-o-Kahu mountain, part of land belonging to Maraeroa C Incorporation, a forestry based Maori Land Corporation situated in the Pureora Region of the Central North Island.

P: 02102935624
E: yuchen.zhai@pureora.co.nz
W: http://www.paharakeke.co.nz/pure-ora-mountain-ginseng/

Real Journeys Ltd

Our family business was founded in Fiordland in the 1950’s by tourism and conservation pioneers Les and Olive Hutchins. Sixty years later, we offer tourism experiences from Stewart Island to Queenstown; including world renowned cruises through Milford and Doubtful Sounds, the Te Anau Glowworm Caves and heritage steamship TSS Earnslaw. Rated Qualmark Enviro Silver across all its products, Real Journeys is widely regarded as a leader in the New Zealand tourism industry. It has been awarded “Operator of the Year” by the Tourism Export Council (NZ) – more times than any other company. For us though, the aim is still quite simple – to share the natural heritage and astounding beauty of the region with visitors – just as our founders intended.

P: 021893399
E: awang@realjourneys.co.nz
W: http://www.realjourneys.co.nz

Rotorua Duck Tours (sharing a booth with OGO Rotorua)

Rotorua Duck Tours is the first, and still the only, company in New Zealand to provide the unique and exciting opportunity to discover a special part of New Zealand in an authentic amphibious WWII landing craft. .Enjoy the incredible scenery and travel in the volcanic craters of Rotorua, we bring Rotorua alive by retelling the stories of the past, along with providing information on Maori culture, geothermal wonders, historic sights, flora and fauna. Fun for the whole family

P: 073456522
E: info@ducktours.co.nz
W: http://rotoruaducktours.co.nz/

Sister Knows Best NZ Limited

Born in New Zealand´s passion is to share quality product infused with nature of New Zealand with family and friends. You are our family and friends! We are blessed to grow up among the mud and bushes in New Zealand. Our dream is to breathe in the beauty of New Zealand and return its goodness to you.

P: 021760099
E: catherine@skbnz.co.nz
W: http://www.borninnewzealand.co.nz

Skyline Queenstown/The Helicopter Line

欢迎来到皇后镇Skyline Queenstown,乘坐皇后镇着名的空中缆车,登上位于鲍勃峰上的观景台。以220度的广角视野,欣赏皇冠峰、卓越山脉、瓦卡蒂普湖、塞西尔峰和瓦尔特峰的壮丽景观,将皇后镇的动人景致尽收眼底。体验Skyline独家设计和研发的滑板车(Luge),或观赏激动人心的毛利战舞表演。在Stratosfare餐厅以皇后镇的美景作佐餐,享用以本地新鲜食材所烹调的佳餚,或到market kitchen咖啡厅品嚐现场制作的小吃。入夜后参加观星之旅探索银河,各式各样的活动保证令您的旅行体验满载而归。 The Helicopter Line 是新西兰首屈一指的直升机公司,在库克山、弗朗兹约瑟夫冰川、福克斯冰川及皇后镇都设有直升机基地并提供直升机观光服务。翱翔于新西兰的各种独特地型,包括国家公园、 冰川、高山、湖泊和峡谷等。在空中感受新西兰最高的山峰库克山、辽阔的冰川和雪原的震撼。于福克斯冰川和弗朗兹约瑟夫冰川享受驻足于冰雪间的难忘体验。在皇后镇惊叹卓越山脉和瓦卡蒂普湖作的壮丽,飞越世界第八大奇迹的米佛峡湾,沿途欣赏南阿尔卑斯山脉和与世隔绝的高山湖泊、雨林和冰川。

P: 021490680
E: kay.leung@skyline.co.nz
W: http://www.skyline.co.nz / www.helicopter.co.nz

Squirrel Mortgages

- Providing Financial and Property Advice - Insurance - P2P Lending

P: 0210500801
E: lizzy@squirrel.co.nz
W: http://www.squirrel.co.nz


TGO is the distributer of "EVER UGG" in New Zealand. Ever UGG is an Australian brand which aims to create healthy, comfortable, fashion, eco-friendly and high quality sheepskin products to all customers. Only use premium Australian sheepskins which are dense, soft, comfort; plus, warm, and well known worldwide. To make different products, EVER UGG use different kinds of Australian sheepskins, such as spring lamb skins and shorn lamb skins.

P: 094788286
E: info.evernz@gmail.com
W: http://www.everaustralia.nz

Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd

Airlines Company

P: 021689800
E: g.liu@hnair.com
W: https://global.tianjin-air.com/

Tourism Waitaki

Blue penguins are the world’s smallest penguins. Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony was formed in 1992 in order to protect the birds. It is located only a few minutes away from the town centre which makes us the easiest place to see blue penguins in their natural environment. We offer Day Tour and also Evening Viewing Tour in our colony. For the Day Tour, you may be able to see the penguins up close if they are in our day time facility, the “Blue Wing”. In the Evening Viewing Tour, you are seated in an outdoor viewing stand where you can watch the penguins come ashore and into our colony.

P: 021724504
E: lu@waitakinz.com
W: http://www.waitakinz.com

TradeBrands NZ

Samsonite Luggage

E: chantal@tradebrands.co.nz

Vanuatu Tourism Office

National Tourism Office of Vanuatu

P: +6421704730
E: j.carson@xtra.co.nz
W: http://www.vanuatu.travel

Venture Southland

Venture Southland位于新西兰因弗卡吉尔市,是新西兰南地大区集旅游局、经济发展局和社区发展规划局于一体的政府机构。

P: 02040188415
E: elly@venturesouthland.co.nz
W: http://www.southlandnz.com

Wairakei Resort and Chateau Tongariro

Wairakei Resort Taupo believes in providing visitors with a one of a kind geothermal experience and providing visitors to Taupo with modern hotel room and villa accommodation abundant indoor and outdoor leisure facilities and exquisite New Zealand focused ding options. Wairakei Resort Taupo is the largest international 4 star resort in the North Island and the resort still enjoys a wonderful historic & relaxing atmosphere. Wairakei Resort is located in the beautiful Wairakei Tourist Park on the northern fringe of Taupo. Chateau Tongariro Hotel believes in providing visitors with a timeless elegance and believes in preserving history and tradition. the elegant Chateau Tongaririo is located within Whakapapa Village. In the heart of Tongariro National Park and was constructed during the 1920´s.

P: 0272441493
E: james.yu@wairakei.co.nz
W: http://www.wairakei.co.nz

WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust or Delanie Halton

Providing tracking solutions for people who wander.

P: 0064 27 230 5165
E: aucklandwandersearch@gmail.com
W: http://www.wandersearch.org.nz

West Coast Travel Centre

The Greymouth i-SITE/West Coast Travel Centre is located in the Historic Greymouth Railway Station. Primarily we are the agents for Kiwi Rail and operate the Greymouth Gateway of their TranzAlpine passenger service. We have also been operating as a travel centre for over twenty years and in 2011 took over the ownership of the Greymouth i-SITE Visitor Information Centre. This positioned the company with membership into this valuable New Zealand & world leading tourist network, one of New Zealand’s largest travel agencies.

P: 03 7687080
E: alice@westcoasttravel.co.nz
W: http://www.westcoasttravel.co.nz

Yoshi Ltd

P: 0211301842
E: info.yoshinz@gmail.com